UniProt (www.uniprot.org) : is a comprehensive resource for protein sequence and annotation data.
APD (aps.unmc.edu/AP/main.php) : The Antimicrobial Peptide Database
CAMP (www.camp.bicnirrh.res.in) : Collection of Anti-Microbial Peptides
PhytAMP (phytamp.pfba-lab-tun.org/main.php) : A database dedicated to plant antimicrobial peptides
Defensins (defensins.bii.a-star.edu.sg) : Defensins Knowledgebase
BACTIBASE (bactibase.pfba-lab-tun.org/main.php) : a database dedicated to bacteriocins
YADAMP (yadamp.unisa.it) : yet another database of antimicrobial peptides.
DBAASP (dbaasp.org/home.xhtml) : database of antimicrobial activity and structure of peptides
LAMP (biotechlab.fudan.edu.cn/database/lamp) : serves as a tool to aid the discovery and design of AMPs as new antimicrobial agents.
EnzyBase (biotechlab.fudan.edu.cn/database/EnzyBase/home.php) : EnzyBase serves as a tool for enzybiotic studies.
EssOilDB (nipgr.res.in/Essoildb) : is a database that provides knowledge resource for plant essential oils